Delights in You…

My boys…

Posted in Family by tawnyanall on May 28, 2010

12 years ago in August, Brian and I adopted our two older boys, Patrick and Justin. They are both adults now and I have to say it is hard to let go and let God.

I think they will be ok. I know that they are good guys and we are so proud of them and their accomplishments over the last couple of years. They know between right and wrong, and know that we love them very much.

Justin is graduating from basic training tomorrow and I wish we could be there so much. I am so proud and love that boy so much! Even though he hasn’t been any easy child to raise! We definitely have a special connection and I wouldn’t change a thing!

Patrick recently got his GED. I know school did not come easy for him and this wasn’t either, but he did it. He also will be moving on from Job Corp in a month and begin a career path in security. He has done well! It hasn’t been an easy road for him either, but I am proud of him!

Most of all, we hope and pray that they know that we love them and God does too. We had a different kind of path with them…a special one no doubt. We chose to be their parents, even with the rocky start to their lives. They deserved a somewhat normal life and I hope they know we did the best we could. And I think they turned out great!

We love you Patrick and Justin!

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